About Us

OnSystem Logic is a privately held firm based in Baltimore, MD. The company was co-founded in the fall of 2008 by TJ Tajalli to assist clients with securing critical computing resources and information. As a security software innovator and serial entrepreneur with notable prior successes developing commercial and government security products and technologies, TJ formed a security consulting firm focused on assisting clients to meet current and emerging security challenges. OnSystem Logic has conducted engagements both directly and in partnership with major integrators and industry suppliers to offer the thought leadership, technical expertise and support services needed by many clients to design, deploy and sustain a secure IT enterprise.

Business Focus

OnSystem Logic’s mission is to make a notable difference in the security posture of our nation. To do so, we have fostered a corporate culture that is entrepreneurial, challenging and professionally focused on providing the thought leadership, security innovation and technical expertise needed by commercial and public sector enterprises to achieve breakthrough security improvements. In our past consulting engagements, we have proactively partnered with firms whose business interests are synergistic and welcome employment inquiries from talented IT security engineers and professionals who share our commitment to technical excellence and service.

Our current business focus is to build the only non-bypassable endpoint family of products and technologies for end users and software developers. OnSystem Defender is the first end user product developed by us using our revolutionary patent-pending technology.