OnSystem Logic’s leadership team is committed to making a difference in our nation’s enterprise security

To achieve this lofty mission, we strive to be:

  • Knowledgeable — Willingly sharing our security insight and ideas with clients and partners.
  • Aware — Current with industry trends and their relevant implications for our clients and enterprise security.
  • Interesting — Memorable and unique in our words, actions and service offerings.
  • Innovative — Creative and actively pursuing new ways of thinking about and solving existing and emerging security threats.
  • Engaged — Deeply involved in the industry and engagements with clients.
  • Accessible — Easily engaged and responsive to our clients, suppliers and peers.

Chief Executive Officer

TJ Tajalli

An innovator and serial entrepreneur in the areas of trusted operating systems, system access control, file system security, firewalls, encryption key recovery and behavior-based Host Intrusion Prevention, TJ brings 25+ years of IT industry experience with over 20 years focused on developing innovative information security software. Author of 7 issued and multiple pending patents, TJ has been instrumental in commercializing multiple successful security software technologies.

Following several entrepreneurial ventures as Trusted Information Systems and Platform Logic, and an executive leading endpoint software development for Symantec Corporation, TJ co-founded OnSystem Logic with the express purpose of providing high-end technical consulting services and building future generation of computer security products. TJ holds a MS and BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland as well as advanced DoD security credentials.

Chief Architect

Jeff Graham

Distinguished security engineer and product architect for leading edge security solutions including trusted operating systems, firewall, encryption, and behavior based HIPS.

Author of 4 patents and developer of multiple successful commercial products and solutions.

25+ Years of experience in Product Architect roles

  • OnSystem Logic – Chief Architect, Advanced Products
  • Symantec – Architect, Multiple Security Products
  • Platform Logic – Chief Architect, AppFire Product
  • E-centives – Product Architect, Web couponing/marketing
  • Network Associates – Product Architect, Gauntlet Firerwall
  • Trusted Information Systems – Product Architect, Gauntlet Firewall and Trusted Mach
  • Digital Equipment – Software Developer, MCI Mail

BA Computer Science, College of William and Mary