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Security experts and customers alike agree on one thing:

Antivirus software (AV) is at worst ineffective, and at best insufficient in protecting systems against new or already-existing threats of today and tomorrow.

Why does that happen? AV currently does a decent job of detecting exact attacks that have been seen before and/or cleaning already-infected systems with such attacks, but that is not good enough when all the attackers have to do is to make their new attacks look different from before. That is easy for them to do even in an automated way, given the less-sophisticated tools available to them on the internet, in order to not be caught by AV software.

So, when my AV vendor says that they catch known and unknown attacks, are they lying?  Not exactly; most AV vendors have what they call behavior-based protection built into their products. Their behavior-based protection is absolutely flawed, however, because they have designed and implemented their behavior-based software to look for variations of bad behavior. The issue is that there is an infinite number of variations of bad behavior for simple software. Is it possible to design software to protect against an infinite number of bad behaviors? Simple mathematics and common sense say no, but there is a way to approach this problem differently.

OnSystem Logic has that completely different approach in our flagship product, OnSystem Defender. OnSystem Defender, which is patent-pending technology, learns the good behavior of the most widely-used software that is attacked by malware by observing the software in normal operation on many computers. Once OnSystem Defender learns the good behavior, it considers any divergence from the good behavior to be bad behavior and stops it. It does this in a predictable, non-bypassable, and totally transparent way with no loss of performance. When a new version of the software that OnSystem Defender protects comes out, OnSystem Defender can learn the new software behavior ahead of time by looking at pre-release versions of that software, by working with the vendor that makes that software, or by quickly learning its good behavior from our monitored ecosystem, and then in real-time pass along the resulting protection to our user base.

The first implementation of OnSystem Defender runs on all versions of Windows operating systems and is currently in a private beta.  (this beta proved to be highly successful with superb customer reviews)  OnSystem Defender was designed to deliver effective protection against attacks that your current AV software fails to stop or was no longer being effective preventing.